Client Testimonials

Client Testimonial Letters

We don't only measure the success of our projects based upon the outcome of the building or design process that we have completed with our clients, but we also reflect upon the journey we have taken and the relationship we have with our clients at the end of the project.

We are proud to say that many of our new projects come from recommendations from previous clients or repeat work with existing clients.

"We are very grateful and honoured to have worked with so many extraordinary clients, and shared their journey through the design and construction process"

Michael Chadwick - Architect Director

Hawthorn House - Client Letter

"I commissioned Chadwick Architects to transform my well loved family house in Hawthorn. The design that Mike Chadwick produced was respectful of the heritage part of the house but in contrast he introduced an extraordinary contemporary addition to the rear for the living, dining and kitchen area.

I worked closely with Mike and he took into account all of my requirements such as plenty of storage, light filled etc. He was so patient and made sure I was getting exactly what I wanted in my home.

The design Mike came up with blew me away! I could not have imagined my house looking so architecturally pleasing to the eye and feeling the way it does. What a difference it makes when you use an architect that is sensitive to your needs but at the same time makes suggestions that may push you out of your comfort zone!

Chadwick Architect’s thorough and professional approach was constant throughout the whole design process; from the selection of materials, furniture suggestions and lighting etc, and also during construction. Any concerns I had or raised were addressed immediately and professionally, and I found Mike’s regular reporting very helpful - sometimes with some amusing comments.

I couldn't be happier with the end result! I will be highly recommending Chadwick Architects to my friends and family. Thank you so much Mike!"

Flowerdale Cabin in the Woods - Client Letter

"Michael is a wonderful and personable architect.

Having worked with Michael on my dream "Cabin in the woods" home, he provided very timely options of which I could never have envisaged or considered before. His responses were very timely during iteration and ideation which went beyond what i expected.

I can only express that Michael exhibits very strong architectural, structural and engineering knowledge that helped enormously in my own decision making.

Expect that Michael will approach your project with great enthusiasm, attention to understanding your mindset and clarity around the process going forward.

I strongly encourage all to consider Michael regardless of your background albeit coming from a little to no education (myself) through to the well-experienced.

I have complete confidence in his abilities and happily afford a 5 star rating for his performance on my project "

Lantern House - Client Letter

"We engaged Chadwick Architects to design our family home. The entire experience was a pleasure from start to finish.

Michael from Chadwick Architects helped to guide us through what can be a daunting process. From our initial designs through to the final working drawing, we were involved, consulted and engaged at all times. Being able to explore our home designs virtually with the 3D renderings that where created was an amazing experience.

Seeing Chadwick Architects bring our ideas off the page and into something you can really visualise was one of the best parts.

Designing and building a home can be a costly and stressful experience, engaging Chadwick Architects has made it a well executed and exciting time for our family. If the time comes for us to build or renovate again, we will be entrusting Chadwick Architects."

Northcote Residence - Client Letter

"Chadwick Architects were wonderful to work with. The quality and detail of the proposed plans made them easy to interpret and for us to see their vision.

We found them to be extremely professional and they added considerable value. We will certainly consider Chadwick Architects again for a future project, and would highly recommend them to anyone."

Development Projects Melbourne - Client Letter

"I recently used Chadwick Architects to conduct a feasibility study and develop various concepts, working drawings and costings for a development site that I was negotiating to purchase. Time was very much of the essence and Mike and his team were able to provide me with all the information that I required, and more, to move forward with a decision on the project with a clear understanding of the direction I needed to take. I highly recommend Mike and his team for any project that you may be considering, his work ethic, results and attention to detail all speak volumes about his ability and his customer service.

I have learnt from past experience that by engaging an architect no matter how big or small the project might be, that whilst it may represent an additional cost at the outset, it will almost always save you time and money on the overall project and avoid costly and annoying mistakes that could have been avoided. You are much better off spending that little bit extra time and money planning and getting it right from the beginning than having to change or fix things mid project. And you will get the desired result, and not something that you settled for, because it was too late or too costly to change. Thanks again Mike and the team at Chadwick Architects."

Heritage Home Transformation - Client Letter

"We appointed Chadwick Architects to help us transform our heritage home in Hawthorn. What was most important to myself and my mother was listening and communication. Our family property is tied to many emotional aspects, and so we were looking for someone who would really listen to our requirements and deliver a quality result. Communication is key to ensure things remain on track and expectations are managed for both client and architect. This is exactly what we found to be the case with Michael and how Chadwick Architects operates.

His professionalism is evident right from the very first consultation, through the design process and into implementation and thereafter. He assisted myself and my mother to restore and improve her family home, always listening to items most important to us, to ensure a quality result. She couldn’t be happier now with her beautiful and comfortable home, to enjoy her retirement years, and entertain family and friends. Vision achieved!

What has differentiated Michael from other architects in our experience, is not only his genuine character in the way he conducts and delivers his services, but also how he impressed us by going above and beyond what is required. He always showed so much interest in ensuring our project was on track, we always felt safe and secure with him overseeing things. We cannot thank him enough for a job very well done, thank you so much! "

Family Home Extension - Client Letter

"We started working with Michael from Chadwick Architects in 2019. We were looking to undertake a significant extension to our family home - both in terms of downstairs living space and the upstairs bedrooms. Whilst we had some initial thoughts on how things might look we were delighted to have Michael's perspective - his sense of space and awareness allowed us to think far beyond what we had originally imagined might be possible.

Michael has also been wonderfully open to all ideas and has always given us an honest opinion - his ability to help us understand how a space will feel after the works and the relative merits of the different options we've been faced with has been hugely valuable.

In what might have been a hugely overwhelming process where we could easily have been sidetracked and swamped with decisions, Michael has been a reassuring guiding hand - we couldn’t be more delighted. "

Bright House - Client Letter

"Chadwick Architects' professional approach blended with a great sense of humour put us immediately at ease which helped us to express ourselves - to us this was very important.

Chadwick Architects' turn around time and overall design concepts exceeded our expectations and we would defintely recommend their services to anyone in the same position as us."

Brunswick House - Client Letter

"We have used Chadwick Architects a number times now and cannot recommend them highly enough. They took the time to take us through their design concepts utilizing their experience to help us achieve our ideas and aspirations.

They were responsive and thorough in concept development, planning and building process. They explained each of these process in simplified way so that we could understand.

Their plans were presented in a clear way to help all parties during the process understand the vision and detail.

The renovations that Chadwick Architects have helped us with have transformed our homes and exceeded our expectation. We highly recommend Chadwick Architects and look forward to using them in the future."

Coburg Residence - Client Letter

"Chadwick Architect helped us to understand the potential of our home. They clearly communicated ideas which we could never have come up with, but which were perfectly suited to our family and the way we live.

We found Chadwick Architects to be a pleasure to work with. We will certainly consider them again for a future project, and give them our highest recommendation."

Sloping House - Client Letter

"The concepts Michael designed for our proposed renovations were innovative, took advantage of our block and showed that he really listened to how we want to live in our new space. Michael helped us to understand the end to end process and his relaxed, yet professional approach made us feel that our renovation would be in safe hands! "