Michael Chadwick Architect


Chadwick Architects are one of Melbourne's top emerging architecture practices. Lead by Architect Michael Chadwick, the team at Chadwick Architects deliver exceptional buildings, meticulously considered from inside and out.

Director Michael Chadwick is a registered Architect in Australia; he was awarded a First Class Honours Degree in Architecture and a Masters in Environmental Design in Architecture from the University of Cambridge where he finished top of his class.

Chadwick Architects believe the quality of design influences our lives and we offer our clients exceptional buildings through intelligent design solutions.


Chadwick Architects are committed to providing design of a high calibre that responds to its environment and addresses issues of context and sustainability. Our design process ensures that technical innovation, performance and delivery are given as much consideration as the conventional values of form, space, materials and light.


Prior to launching Chadwick Architects, Michael Chadwick is proud to have worked with some of the world's best Architecture firms and has contributed in the delivery in some extraordinary built projects.

The following exceptional projects were completed whilst working with Grimshaw Architects and Denton Corker Marshall Architects. All design, images, moral rights and associated copyright remain with the respective Architectural company noted.

DCM: Science + Technology Hub Melbourne Grammar School, Australia

Education project by Denton Corker Marshall Architects, Melbourne

2018 AIA Victorian Chapter Awards – Educational Architecture Winner

DCM: 839 Collins Street, Melbourne Australia

Office + Commercial project by Denton Corker Marshall Architects, Melbourne

Grimshaw: 699 Bourke Street, Melbourne Australia

Office + Commercial project by Grimshaw Architects, Melbourne

Grimshaw: The Cutty Sark Conservation Project, London UK

Cultural project by Grimshaw Architects, London